The Bleeding Edge of Medical 3D Printing

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Dental surgical guides have changed everything about the way that dentists plan and execute dental implant procedures. The reason is simple: when you can model the entire surgery ahead of time digitally, you can make a difficult procedure practically routine.

Other industries are sitting up and taking notice. It isn’t hard to imagine a future in which more surgeries are performed this way, aided by robotic surgical tools and protected by surgical guides to hide the tissues that should remain untouched.

At least one recent article has heralded the coming era of 3D-printed medicine, stating that:

3D printing technologies have helped to make significant advancements within the field of healthcare, in terms of more efficiently producing custom prosthetics, creating custom surgical guides, creating assistive devices for patients, and even in better understanding certain conditions and diseases.

The authors then consider some additional ways that 3D printing could help with neurosurgery, data visualization and even assistive devices.

Scan Implant Guide is leading the way. As we continue to iterate our software and perfect fabrication, we have earned high marks from the many dental surgeons worldwide who use our premium surgical guides for safe and simple dental implant surgery. Call or write us today to learn how you can join the movement.

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