Surgical Guides and the Future of Dental Surgery

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Dental implant surgical guides let dental professionals, radiologist, technicians, and cosmetic surgeons collaborate over the Web and proprietary software platforms to create better outcomes.

This much is known to many in our field, but it remains somewhat novel to many people outside of it. Yet as more people awaken to the benefits of surgical guides in implant dentistry, we are seeing an increasing number of articles such as this one, which make the case as eloquently as you might wish:

36 years later, and we can routinely place dental implants through a guide that that is computer assisted designed (CAD) and computer assisted milled (CAM), created from information obtained by a CBCT scan. Not only is this a blend of technologies, but the true success of a surgical guide for dental implant placement is the combination of taking those technologies and making them work in concert with a plan for the prosthetic end result. Because of this melding of a prosthetic goal with technologies that support it, implant dentistry treatment planning has now entered a stage that is extremely predictable and safe on every level.

Beginning with an excellent scan, we can create a custom guide based not only on each patients’ individual anatomy, but on the demands of the procedure and even the preferences of the surgeon at hand. Our guides come complete with drill holes, precision sleeves, and structural features to prevent movement and slippage. You can even practice the procedure repeatedly in a digitally rendered environment.

Surgical guides are becoming more common as dentists and surgeons seek the most accurate measures to avoid complications. Scan Implant Guide offers the best surgical guides in California. Contact us today.

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