Why 3D Printing Makes Dental Surgery Safe

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Here’s a good technical look at the question that governs our entire industry: Can surgical guides for dentists actually improve outcomes, and help to reduce some of the complications that can impair patient health?

In fact they can, as the data have long suggested. But this latest study took a rigorous look at surgical guide interventions throughout the process, noting ultimately that the benefits are clear:

“CAD/CAM surgical guide fabrication is an emerging tool that may facilitate the surgical process and aid in safe and predictable execution of bone reduction and immediate implant placement,” the authors wrote.

With smart placement, careful fabrication and accurate drill holes, these guides help dentists and their patients avoid mistakes and unexpected obstacles during the surgical procedure. And with ample planning time to create a full-scale software simulation for practice and refinement, 3D printed guides let dentists eliminate uncertainty long before they scrub up.

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