5 Simple Steps

takes the patient from
initial consultation to recovery,
quickly, efficiently and confidently.


Simplified Implant Placement
at a Reasonable Price


We make guides that work
with every implant manufacturer

5 Simple Steps

Our simple five-step process allows the doctor to take the patient from initial consultation
to recovery and restoration, quickly, efficiently and confidently.

The Scan Implant Guide Planning Software is the software solution for dental implant treatment planning. We use the latest image processing technology and software development tools to provide dental professionals an integrated advanced image-guided dental implant treatment plan.

The Scan Implant Guide Planning Software is available for download in a trial version. You will be required to fill out a registration form in order to download the Scan Implant Guide Planning Software demo. After the registration form is completed, you can download the demo.

Brochure and Protocol Downloads

 Download 5-Step Brochure

 Download Scan Implant Guide Simple Case Workflow

Download Software User Manual

Download Radiographic Guide Scanning Protocol

 Download Stone Model Scanning Protocol

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 Download Limit of Liability