Scan Implant Guide Planning Software

Scan Implant Guide Planning Software is a software system for dental implant treatment planning and surgical guide design and fabrication. It seamlessly integrates the latest image processing technology, software development tools, and proprietary patent pending technologies. The software coordinates these technologies to provide dental professionals with an integrated, advanced, image-guided dental implant treatment planning tool, to evaluate patients’ oral-dental anatomy, to simulate implant placement, and to design and fabricate surgical guides.

Do it yourself. Those doctors who want to complete surgical treatment plans themselves can purchase a Planning Version of our software. The Planning Version includes all patient scan DICOM data processing, viewing and treatment planning functions and capabilities, and allows the doctor to send their case files and DICOM data to us for surgical guide fabrication. To purchase the Planning Version of our software and plan your own surgical procedures, please go to DOWNLOAD page.

Or have us assist you. For further details about Scan Implant Guide’s Planning Assistance, please contact us TOLL FREE at (855) 373-1614 or by e-mail at


Among the many functions and capabilities our Planning Software offers, are:

  • Viewing and Visualization of CT Image. Users can view the CT scan of patient’s oral-dental structure, perform measurements, and record diagnosis findings as they do with a typical DICOM image viewer. Volumetric renderings provide visualization of jaw and facial anatomical features. Bone surface profile rendering allows clinicians to clearly visualize placement and develop precise treatment plans.

  • Simulating Implant Placement. Users can simulate implant placement by adding implant geometric models onto the patient CT scan images and corresponding 3D reconstructions. Tools are provided to view and adjust implant positions and orientations. By creating an accurate three-dimensional plan prior to implant placement, clinicians can ensure optimal implant placement for exceptional aesthetic and functional results.

  • Generating a Treatment Plan. Users can generate a treatment plan, which will include many views of the oral-dental structures with implants, 2D CT scan slice images, handling and drilling sequence information, etc.

  • Planning Additional Treatments. In addition to implant placement, users can also plan additional treatments, including bone reduction and grafting, sinus grafting, tooth extraction, etc. These additional treatments are documented as notes and images.

  • Designing Surgical Guides. When the user completes the treatment plan and uploads it to Scan Implant Guide, one of our technicians will use the oral-dental structure derived from the scans and the treatment plan to design the surgical guide. When the surgical guide design is finalized, we will fabricate the guide using our state-of-the-art 3D printer and deliver it to the doctor to complete the surgery.

  • Creating virtual models of the oral-dental structures and implants. These virtual models serve as study models, or bases for manually making surgical guides. Such a virtual model is called a “master model.” Its components include bone/teeth with implant holes, soft tissues with implant holes, and duplicates of implants. Restoration design and further traditional physical model based implant planning can be performed with such a master model.

Simple to Learn — Easy to Use

The Scan Implant Guide Planning Software is simple to learn and easy to use, providing faster treatment analysis and planning. The software navigation tool is specially designed to offer a fast track workflow for treatment planning. Yet it maintains the flexibility of the rich functionalities, as the clinician moves quickly and easily between features to create the optimal surgical plan. Completing the workflow to place a single implant can take as little as 6 minutes

Software Training

Software training is provided at our Scan Implant Guide facility in Los Angeles, California. Extensive time will be dedicated to learning the software interface, as well as each of the tools and functions for complete case planning and surgical guide design.

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