Another Triumph for 3D Medical Printing

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Dental implant surgical guides have become increasingly easy to make and reliable to work with. But dental surgery isn’t the only field where engineers are pushing the envelope of what is possible with individualized 3D printing technology.

This story underscores just how far we’ve come. A 3D printed heart is helping surgeons visualize and rehearse in the real world on a precise copy of their patient’s anatomy – long before those surgeons ever stepped into the OR. And the benefit to patients is clear as well:

The printed hearts can help doctors in tricky cases such as Myla’s, doctors say. They also can help parents like Kramer, who found it reassuring to see the 3-D heart before Myla’s surgery, and hear the surgeon explain his plan.

There is a third benefit: 3D printed organs, bones, and oral cavities can create a space for other doctors to weigh in and consult from thousands of miles away, manipulating the model in real time just as they would if they were in the room.

Our 3D printed dental implant guides leverage the same technology to help doctor and their patients visualize, practice, and execute flawless dental implant procedures. For the very best surgical guides in dentistry, please contact us today.

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