3D Printing Continues to Change the Face of Medicine

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Our 3D printed surgical guides are designed for dental implant surgery procedures, but the printing technology behind our products is widely applicable across the rest of medicine. Witness the explosion of 3D printed devices in other medical fields, from tracheal implants to specialized tools.

This recent article describes the many ways 3D printing is transforming medicine. It includes a discussion of the underserved market for 3D printed simple tools , many of which are prohibitively difficult to ship securely. As the article states, economies of scale may accelerate a revolution in medical production:

The researchers estimate they would only need to make 95 retractors to cover the cost of printing and make each unit cost the same as a stainless steel version, which are typically around $47 for a pair. Running it for a week would pay for the printer itself, and once the number of retractors printed neared a thousand the cost per unit could be as little as $2.77.

Scan Implant Guide is proud to sit at the forefront of this movement, creating completely custom medical devices at an affordable rate, with some of the most favorable outcomes in dental implantology. To learn how you can order yours today, start here.

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