Dental Implant Surgical Guides and 3D Printing

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We recently came across an article which describes in some detail the many ways that 3D printing is changing surgery, and how 3D imaging can help surgeons prepare before they operate.

This article focused on back surgery, which is more complex than the dental implant procedures we support at Scan Implant Guide. But it nonetheless demonstrates the unique power of digital simulation in the planning and execution stages of a serious operation:

“Due to his previous surgical procedures, there were significant imaging artifacts within the CT scan that required extensive medical image processing in order to render the anatomical area of interest into three-dimensional digital models,” says Beaudreau. “It was also going to be an extensive spinal procedure, so instead of modeling two or three vertebrae, we needed to process nine vertebrae, the sacrum bone at the base of the spine, and both hips.”

At Scan, we build our dental implant surgical guides from cone beam scans of our patients’ mouths, ensuring that the precise placement and orientation of every drill hole matches each individual. With state of the art materials technology and a fast turnaround time, we have become one of the leaders in surgical guides for this sort of implant procedure.

Get involved and speak to the experts today. Our 3D printing technology means error-free dental implantology.

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