3D Printing in Dentistry Continues to Grow

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At Scan Implant Guide, we are proud to work at the bleeding edge of dental technology, bringing precision devices and individualized surgical plans to dental professionals around the country.

As it happens, we’re not alone.

One recent report took a look into the future to predict the coming demand for 3D printing in dental technologies, and found some heartening data. SmarTech Publishing released this report which is far-ranging and granular in its finding, but the top-line is quite simple:

This new report assesses the revenues from 3D printers and related software, materials and services sold to the dentistry sector in 2016 will reach $1.6 billion but says that such revenues will grow to $3.7 billion by 2021.

Scan implant Guide offers a better and more integrated approach to scanning models, crafting surgical guides, and creating executable plans based on our leading simulation technology. The result is a smooth and rapid prototyping and delivery system that has earned accolades from across the sectori.

Do you want the best dental implant surgical guides in a matter of days? Call Scan today.

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