Guided Implant Dentistry 101

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At Scan Implant Guide, we are constantly turning around precision dental guides on a deadline, giving dentists and surgeons fast access to the most advanced guides in the nation.

Because we live and thrive on the tech side of the equation, we are rarely involved directly in the persuasion side: teaching dental professionals and their patients why surgical guides will make their jobs easier, and their lives safer.

But we found this, which may help. It includes a number of well-wrought arguments in favor of guided implant surgery, and gives everyone in your practice better ammunition to make the case for these cutting edge surgical tools:

With guided surgery, all the planning and “back and forth” with drilling, angulation, and depth is all figured out before the patient appears for surgery. Most guided implant surgeries are completed in less than 20 minutes in my office for single teeth, with enough attached tissue for a punch. A full arch of implants may take me less than an hour. If one follows some pretty easy-to-master protocols, this is the norm from a lot of reputable doctors I talk to.

Safety and efficiency count, especially when you are talking about patients who may be terrified of oral surgery. Speak with the guide experts at Scan Implant Guide today to learn more about how these guides work, and how you can gracefully integrate them into your busy practice.

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