Using Surgical Guide Software in Your Practice

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Planning and designing a dental implant surgical guide isn’t something you can do with off-the-shelf software. Medical equipment needs to be created with exacting specificity, to precise tolerances, and in a manner that can be edited as the surgical plan evolves over time.

One of the great advantages to using Scan Implant Guide products is that we have created a digital design and execution space that takes all the guesswork out of the process, giving you and your team tools including visualization, simulation, additional treatment planning and more.

The heart of the approach is our Planning Version, which synthesizes data from a number of sources, including the patient’s high-resolution DICOM scans, and lets surgeons communicate directly with Scan Implant Guide on every detail of the fabrication.

With fast workflow and intuitive onscreen tools, we are proud to say that our dental surgical guide software leads the field in robustness and ease of use. To learn more, contact Scan Implant Guide today.

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