Why Accurate Surgical Guides for Implant Dentistry Are So Important

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Surgery is a craft that is best perfected over time, with a great deal of practice. Understanding the exigencies of patient anatomy and healing mechanisms is essential, of course, but there’s simply no substitute for hands-on experience.

Our dental surgical guides are designed to supplement, not replace, the precision of dental professionals. Built with digital imaging and fabrication, they systematize the surgical process, helping dentists find and execute flawless drill sites and implant anchors.

This recent article covers some of the efforts being made throughout the surgical guide industry to achieve even greater precision across every step of the process, by innovating some new ways to measure and fabricate form-fitting guides. As the article says of the latest approach, “The preliminary results show that the average location error was 0.31 ± 0.17 mm and the average orientation error was 0.53 ± 0.24°, which can be considered accurate in comparison with the results reported in the literature.”

This is a great improvement. At Scan Implant Guide, we are constantly on the lookout for ever more perfect products to help you with dental implant surgery. To get started with one of our popular implant surgical guide kits today, please contact us.

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