Dental Surgical Guides 101

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Last week we brought you a video that showcased some of the basic steps and advantages associated with our unique 3D fabrication process. Today we’d like to highlight some of the steps entailed in moving from imaging all the way through a guided surgical dental implant procedure.

Our parent company, AB Dental, has prepared an online walkthrough the includes every piece of the process, including dedicated pages for scanning, sterilization, tissue punch and more. And then there is this page, which explains in simple terms how to use the guide in the oral cavity:

[I]t is advisable to check the fit of the guide in the mouth before the date for the surgery. If there is any discrepancy between the model and the mouth, it is better to discover earlier.

The guide is NOT self-retentive in the mouth, even if fixation screws or pins are used, and the guide should be held in position at every drilling, as it can move.

Some basic practice can help you to develop a clean, repeatable protocol with your dental surgical guide.

For further resources and a closer look at why surgical guides for dental implant surgery are such a great help, please browse our complete catalog today.

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