3D Printing Continues to Shift the Planet

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There was a time when the only way to transmit goods was via boat, plane, rail or truck. That time was just a few years ago, yet we continue to live within its rules and boundaries.

But ever so slowly, something began to shift a few years ago when 3D printing hit the mainstream. For the first time in human history, you could purchase an item and have it essentially materialize in your home, built from raw materials you already owned, according to secure digital instructions. All of this has been made possible by 3D printers:

This chart chronicles the rise and rise of 3D printing, and its skyrocketing figures suggest that what we do at Scan Implant guide – creating precision surgical guides for dental surgery via software alone – will soon become the production method of choice for a wide range of medical devices, consumer baubles, and more.

Your dental practice can launch into the future a little early, by offering patients flawless 3D printed guides to ensure their procedures go perfectly. Want to learn more? Contact Scan Implant guide today.

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