3D Printed Medicine Changes Everything

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One more post this week on the paradigm shift that 3D printing has heralded, and the many ways that medical care will become easier, faster, and more democratic around the globe thanks to this emerging technology.

This article lays out the argument for where we’re headed, noting that bioprinted limbs, organs and pills are already being developed in the laboratory, and there is so much more to come:

These are only a small handful of the problems that 3D printing could eradicate completely, creating personal, bespoke solutions that are tailored to each patient, where materials are light and comparatively cheaper than traditional options. And crucially, 3D printers can be taken anywhere, so those in remote locations aren’t left without – and they can even print hair.

We are slowly nearing the day when fabricators emerge from the annals of science fiction to appear on every countertop, where they can offer toys, devices, medications, and gourmet meals at the push of a button.

Scan Implant Guide is proud to be at the vanguard of this sea change in manufacturing, offering dental professionals and their patients access to a software-based, digital solution for planning and executing dental implant surgeries without a lot of wait time. Once you send us scans of your patient’s mouth, we collaboratively plan and fabricate a guide for precisely the procedure you choose in a matter of days.

The world is changing. Let us help you join the future.

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