3D Printing is Changing Medicine

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We’ve written some posts where we focus on our stock in trade – 3D printed surgical guides for dental implants – and others where we take a step back to survey the state of the technology generally.

This week we became aware of yet another story of victorious technology in the realm of medical applications. A bald eagle, that proud predator and symbol of our nation, was recently saved by the introduction of a 3D printed bone to replace one that was injured in a hunting incident:

The gunshot had severely damaged the eagle’s humerus, which had then healed out of alignment, inhibiting the bird of prey from properly flying. Fortunately, the injured bird was left in the hands of one Dr. R. Avery Bennett, a well respected and accomplished avian surgeon who was confident he could realign the shattered bone with the help of some 3D printed models.

It wasn’t long before the replacement had been designed, fabricated, and implanted, resulting in a return to flight for at least one majestic eagle.

What we do at Scan implant Guide isn’t so different. Our task is to scan and model the precise dimensions of your oral cavity and create perfect guides for surgeons to use, minimizing the risk of accident and injury through the emerging field of 3D printing.

Want to learn more? Contact us to get started with speedy and precise dental guides for your practice today.

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