A Great Video About 3D Printed Surgical Guides

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If you have ever wondered how our surgical guides are designed and created, this is the video to get you started. It features members of our own team explaining the many benefits and conveniences associated with creating dental surgical guides in a digital space.

As one of the directors says about our end-to-end system which includes scanning and printing, “In total we are delivering the whole package, which enables the dentist to provide an easier and more effective service to his customer.”

It’s not unusual for dentists to literally gasp at the miraculous way these rigid and transparent guides seem to materialize from nothing within the Objet printer. As one of our team members says, “This is just a quantum leap forward. It’s something like going from a carrier pigeon to using a cell phone.”

To get a complete dental implant surgical guide kit at your practice today, please contact the experts at Scan Implant Guide.

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