The Benefits of Dental Implant Surgical Guides

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At Scan Implant Guide, we place a great premium on the quality of our products. Dental implant surgical guides can reduce errors, slash the need for revision surgery, and provide oral surgeons and their patents with an easier process from start to finish.

As this recent journal pointed out, surgical guides also help to solve a number of problems that have otherwise hampered dental implant procedures:

Implant complications are often inadvertent sequelae of improper diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical method, and placement. This can be overcome by using surgical guides for implant positioning. Although conventionally made surgical guide are used, the clinical outcome is often unpredictable, and even if the implants are well placed, the location and deviation of the implants may not meet the optimal prosthodontic requirements. High accuracy in planning and execution of surgical procedures is important in securing a high success rate without causing iatrogenic damage. This can be achieved by computed tomography, 3D implant planning software, image-guided template production techniques, and computer-aided surgery.

The process takes just a few hours on each end, and includes digital imaging, computer modeling, 3D printing and a few final tweaks to get everything aligned perfectly for the procedure ahead. Our software and surgical guide kits include clear instructions and all the tools you need to complete your end of this process to your exacting expectations.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of digital technology in your dental implant practice, start with Scan Implant Guide today.

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