Dental Implant Surgical Guides for Dentists

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Dentistry is a demanding field, especially when patients arrive in need of advanced surgical care. Implantology is the art and science of installing dental implants, and is generally considered one of the most exacting specialties in the industry.

For many years, dentists prepared and executed dental implant procedures based on rough X-ray images or cone beam scans, followed by a lengthy planning process which involved as much luck as skill. Today, 3D printing has eliminated the guesswork in such procedures, giving surgeons dental implant surgical guides to create accurate drill holes and flawless placements.

Scan Implant Guide is renowned for its precision and speed, giving dental professionals access to some of the most detailed and medically sound devices in oral surgery. With drill holes and a sculpted adaption surface supported by irrigation holes and other features, these guides do everything but wield the drill for you.

If you create a detailed scan of your patient’s mouth, Scan can do the rest. Call or write us today to begin the easy digital process of converting that scan into a workable and accurate surgical guide.

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