Why Surgical Guides Speed the Process

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It is a paradox at the center of 3D printing: although the printing itself is fast, the preparation, which can includes detailed scans and software tweaks, may slow the process inexorably.

That’s all changing as production of surgical guides begins to benefit from powerful computing and more rapid prototyping. As the software continues to iterate, it’s easier than ever to perfect a device in a digital space in just a few hours. And as 3D printers grow ever faster, the days-long waiting period for a surgical device is shrinking:

With rapid prototyping and 3D printing, dental implants and surgeries are becoming more accurate and less of a hassle for both doctors and patients.

Scan Implant Guide is leading the movement toward brief turnaround times and outstanding products. If you and your patients want to solve this problem for good and benefit from the vanguard in 3D printed medical devices, ask us about our full package solutions today.

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