Improved Workflow for 3D Printed Dental Surgical Guides

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At Scan Implant Guide, we believe 3D printed guides are the future of dental implant surgery. These simple, individualized guides remove almost all of the error inherent in the surgical flowspace, giving dental professionals far better accuracy on the day of the procedure.

The pain point in working with guides such as these has typically been workflow: With so many steps involved and a far-flung network of vendors, dentists have sometimes had trouble understanding exactly who was doing what, and why. Scan Implant Guide streamlines this process to keeps the important work in-house, offering software and guides that work harmoniously together.

As one article described this approach:

Patient communication also has become easier. The software streamlines all images in a patient-friendly timeline where they can visualize their dental conditions and compare changes over time. This process has increased the rate of treatment acceptance.

Scanning and communication go hand in hand, as there is no better diagnostic or teaching tool than collaborating around a visual representation of the mouth. Add in a versatile software platform, and procedures become far easier to explain

For the best surgical guides in implantology, contact SI Guide today.

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