A Deep Dive into Using Dental Surgical Guides

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An Scan Implant Guide, we take pride in a software protocol that streamlines the many small details of this process and returns a sense of control to the end user. But those details remain profoundly important, which is why it’s nice to look at some of the precision choices that go into operating with a 3D printed guide.

This article describes some of the essential specs a good guide should contain, and how to apply each of them in the operating theater. As the author writes in the opening, “The use of surgical guides … is an absolute necessity to place safe, precise, and optimally positioned implants.”

The article itself a a longform description of the various tweaks and changes available when you design your guide within a digital environment. Scan Implant Guide offers precisely this level of granular control over the final product, ensuring that your patients benefit from a detailed surgical plan designed for their particular needs.

To learn more or just ask a question, feel free to contact the dental surgical guide experts here today.

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