3D Printing is Changing the Way Doctors Work

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We already know that 3D printing helps create dental implant surgical guides faster than any other way. And because the process is entirely digital and automatic, there is no need for lengthy spot-checking or expensive handiwork.

But 3D printing is making its mark in other surgical milieus as well, including this striking example from Spain:

3D printing is being integrated into the everyday in a small but significant way, as cardiovascular surgeons have been using 3D printed instruments to help assist them in extracorporeal surgical interventions. Notably, since the tools are 3D printed, the doctors have been able to make them patient-specific, basing their dimensions on the patient’s echocardiographs and CT scans.

Not only are the 3D printed instruments being used for implantable devices and surgical accuracy; now doctors are creating custom-built tools for specific jobs. This turns on its head a century of by-the-numbers surgical tools such as blades, drills, and picks, giving medical professionals access to bespoke instruments for the very first time.

It is yet another big advance in the field of custom 3D medical printing, a field that Scan Implant Guide is proud to be leading with care and innovation.

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