Integrating Dental Implant Surgical Guides in Your Dental Practice

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3D printing is used throughout the field of dentistry, and it isn’t hard to see why. 3D printing offers disruptive advantages of speed, cost, safety, and convenience in a variety of settings. Common applications include the fabrication of restorations, crowns, impressions, and surgical guides.

Why would you want to switch over to 3D printing throughout your offices? One recent article enumerated the many reasons why this might be wise, concluding:

[A]ppliances were made in the past on gypsum models that were very fragile, only single use and inaccurate. We have left the ”Stone Ages” of gypsum for highly accurate, virtually unbreakable, multiple-use, 3D printed models.

Dentists who leave behind the old days of gypsum, milling and hand-crafted surgical tools typically find they cannot live without the speed of these new products. Patients report similar satisfaction, highlighting the comfort and convenience of 3D printed products as essential elements of their overall satisfaction.

Scan offers dental implant surgical guides for offices large and small, with quick turnaround times and superior service. Call or email us today to learn more about why we offer the best surgical guides in California.

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