Dental Implant Surgical Guides are Just the Beginning

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3D printing changes the entire manufacturing paradigm. Products that once required an expensive mold to be created, and a run of 10,000 items, can now be fabricated as one-offs to suit custom needs.

Nowhere is this more immediately useful than in medicine, where one size has never really fit all. Getting the proper materials, tolerances and design is essential in surgery, where there is usually precious little room for error.

One analyst recently highlighted this particular strength of 3D medical printing, underscoring the role of surgical guides in particular:

[H]ealthcare is the industry first primed to be disrupted by the current evolution of 3D printing technology. This is because, at the technology’s current state, it’s already able to advance medicine greatly. By transforming a patient’s CT scan into a 3D model, it’s possible to diagnose an illness, rehearse a surgery, create surgical guides or even 3D print patient-specific implants.

Scan Implant Guide offers an easy and convenient workflow for dentists to get their hands on dental implant surgical guides within a few short days. With fast turnarounds and robust digital customization tools, we proudly supply the best surgical guides in California.

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