3D Printing is the Future of Medical Technology

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Custom products mean different things in different industries. In toys and manufacturing, custom products typically bear a likeness or comes emblazoned with a name. In clothing design, custom products require hours of hand-stitching and tailoring.

In medicine, custom products save lives. That’s because human bodies are uniquely designed to reject anything that doesn’t immediately match its surroundings. And we are uncommonly sensitive to any discomfort that comes from implantable devices.

3D printing works because it is more precise, individualized, and controllable. That’s why it is being used to replace tissues, offer structural orthopedic support, deliver bespoke pharmaceuticals, and guide precisions surgical procedures. As one article said:

In addition to that, 3D parts can also be created without using the biological materials. 3D prints of a surgical guides, plates and titanium implants can even be used to construct the entire face of a patient.

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