Why Computer Design and Printing is the Future of Dental Implants

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One of the issues we follow on a daily basis here at Scan Implant Guide is the intersection between computers and dentistry. Our surgical guides are created and printed directly from a software platform, helping to ensure that every implant is flawlessly fitted and properly installed.

This article describes some of the further ways that 3D modeling is helping the field, giving patients and their caregivers access to high-resolution and granular environments to plan a better smile:

Using computer-aided design and machining technology, the authors were hugely successful in creating healthy implants that had natural and esthetically pleasing appearances. The simple computerized technique provided a precise fit, and it was less expensive and had better accuracy than conventional techniques. To replicate their success, they noted that the process should be well planned before surgery and the implants should be placed accurately.

Our surgical guides for implant dentistry represent the vanguard in this emerging science. If you’d like to give your patients the peace of mind that comes with a fully planned and executed digital surgery procedure, please check out our software downloads today.

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