Dental Surgical Guides vs. Traditional Dental Surgery

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Dental surgical guides remove the guesswork and greatly reduce errors in dental surgery. When you can plan, simulate and execute a procedure with computer guidance built in every step of the way, you never have to worry that a missed detail or slip of the hand will cause any damage.

Our software planning tools let you build a complete treatment plan within a digital space, integrating DICOM scans and robust 3D modeling to give you fully manipulatable images long before the procedure. You can refine your plan, tweak the model, and double-check every placement before any surgical guide is ever fabricated, giving you total control over the outcome.

Traditional dental surgery relies on memory, guesswork and intuition; dental surgical guides let you do the hard work in advance and execute everything to high precision on the day of the procedure. If you’d like to arm your dental surgery practice with the best tools in the industry, contact Scan Implant Guide today.

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