How to Use Implant Surgical Guides

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As one of the leading providers of 3D printed surgical guides for dental implant procedures, we believe our job is to make these products dead simple to use. From your scan uploads all the way through fabrication and execution, our surgical guides are built to provide a friction-free experience.

One of the many ways we try to keep our product easy is by occasionally highlighting resources that explain their use. This article fits the bill: a lucid, step-by-step look at how and why surgical guides are deployed in the field of dental implant surgery. Money quote:

While fabricating a surgical guide may sound complex, the reality is in many cases it’s an easy process.

Indeed, we make it easier than anyone on the market. If you need a surgical guide that includes molded contact surfaces, precision drill holes and state of the art polymer, please contact Scan Implant Guide for more information today.

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