The Science of Dental Surgical Guides

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As one of the premier providers of dental surgical guides, Scan Implant Guide is at the forefront of a growing movement to eliminate the messy impression plates of the past, and push dental surgery into a digital future.

This recent article explains that dental implant surgical guides are more than just convenient; they are more accurate and easily edited than any analog technology could ever match:

In digital dentistry, dentists forgo physical impressions and use intra-oral scanners, which provide a full view of the anatomy of the mouth, jaws and teeth, and allow labs to build precise models that fit right on the first try.

Accuracy isn’t the only advantage. Surgical guide kits such as the ones we provide also let dentists create custom drill holes based on the precise, bespoke procedure they have planned for each individual patient.

Our implant guides are as precise as they are easy to understand, with plenty of sound documentation and a rapid turnaround time for your final, 3D-printed product. To learn more, check our full catalog of dental guide kits today.

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