The Best Dental Surgical Guides are Efficient

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Research continues to marshal support for the efficacy of surgical guides for dental implantology. No less a publication that the storied PLOS One recently published an overview of yet another advance in the field, one that helps doctors create a single digital cast that can be incorporated into a variety of modalities:

Among other advantages to the fully digital approach is cost:

In addition to outlining a step-by-step process for creating a digital master cast, the researchers also looked at the cost of creating a digital master cast versus an analog one. They found that the digitally created casts took far less time and cost less than traditional dental casts.

These are yet more reasons to look at the viability of digital surgical guides for your practice, and to invest in a relationship with the best surgical guide fabrication company in this industry. Call or write Scan Implant Guide today to get started with our surgical guide software.


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