Software Makes Dental Implants Easier, Better

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The digital revolution is well upon us. But some corners of medicine have remained holdouts for many years, helmed by doctors who believe that steady hands and a practiced eye are always superior to 3D scanning and systematized procedures.

It’s a false conflict, of course: dentists will always be integral to procedures such as the placement of dental implants, and technology will always make us better at our jobs. Consider this article, which highlights the increased reliability and precision of using a digital surgical guide for implant surgery:

The authors found that implant treatment today requires years of manual skill development by the surgeon, the restorative dentist, and the technician, as well as several visits by the patient. But with digital technology, implants can be placed in two visits, without the need for impressions, lab procedures, or advanced manual skills.

Better speed, better results, and a greatly reduced risk of complications: These are some of the advantages associated with surgical guides. The list only grows as we get better and better at printing these bespoke medical devices on a case-by-case basis.

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