An Ode to 3D Printed Guides and More

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An illuinating intervew was recently published about 3D printed medical devices, and their expanding capacity to meet a diverse set of needs worldwide. One technology expert has commented on this future, painting a picture of production as rosy as it is viable:

You can really print anything you want — I’ve printed everything from breasts, lungs and spines to small animal models and even Harry Potter memorabilia to add to my collection. If you can dream it, you can print it in three dimensions, and I think that’s amazing.

Our approach to 3D printing is simple: we leverage this high-resolution, precision fabrication process to give doctors and their patients a better framework for oral surgery. Whether your patient needs one or five dental implants, our polymer guides include everything you need for an error-free procedure, including anchor pins, drill holes, and a contoured surface that prevents slippage.

Better technology produces better outcomes. Our 3D printed dental surgical guides meet the industry’s highest standards for quality, and earn accolades from our clients here in California and around the world.

Want to get started? Check out our overview of the process here.

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