Welcome to the Scan Implant Guide Blog

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We’re relaunching this blog as a space to talk more about surgical guides for dental implant surgery, and how you can use robust software and digital imaging to improve your dental surgery practice.

If you’ve never used a precision product like our surgical guides before, you may be heartened to discover just how much of the guesswork they remove from dental surgery. Instead of imaging and planning in two dimensions, our guides offer you a full 3D digital framework to design, correct, and execute dental surgery for a variety of procedures.

The process begins with a scan, gets refined digitally, and ends with the delivery an actual printed surgical guide complete with titanium drill holes to guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

Over time we expect this space to become a comprehensive resource for all the very latest news and advances in dental implant surgery and guided medical software, so be sure and check back often. Welcome aboard!

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