Forbes: Dental 3D Printing Set to Explode

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Scan Implant Guide creates 3D printed surgical guides for use in dental implant procedures. 3D printing technology is nothing new; it’s been around in one form or another for many years. But it wasn’t until recently that a virtuous combination of cost, tech and demand sent the cost of printing through the floor – and opened up a world of bespoke technologies to customers and professionals alike.

3D printed medical devices have already made waves a few times in the past year, including this widely shared story. Now the market is set to take a quantum leap forward, growing by orders of magnitude as more people begin to understand its countless benefits.

Forbes magazine recently listed our corner of dental surgery among some of the biggest markets in the world, writing:

Any object that could fit into a golf ball—things like hearing aids, dental implants, and, naturally, earphones, rings, and necklaces—is prime for 3D printing.

If you’re a dental surgeon looking to increase precision and reduce errors in your procedures, check out the full suite of software and hardware packages we offer here at Scan Implant Guide. You won’t find a better-designed set of tools for dental surgical guides anywhere in the country.

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