Another Breakthrough in 3D Printed Medical Technology

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We love stories like these, which demonstrate just how quickly our field of 3D printed medical technology is evolving. Goals which were once considered decades away are falling more rapidly than anyone expected, including the recent news that living tissue has made great strides in the printing space:

After being released from a 3D printer on to warm printer base, the bio-link turns to a solid gel containing all the ingredients to form living tissue.

Dr Perriman said: “Designing the new bio-ink was extremely challenging.

“You need a material that is printable, strong enough to maintain its shape.

At Scan, we focus on medical-grade polymer guides for dental implant surgery, which is an order of magnitude simpler than trying to corral and nurture living tissue. Yet the software and hardware designs share much in common: a digital space for freeform design, followed by a printing/fabrication step that can build fully dimensional shapes by incremental amounts.

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